Dear Panther Families,


Frankfort Independent Schools is focused on supporting each and every child, each and every day. We intentionally provide supports for children, families, and staff members based on social and emotional needs, academic and behavioral needs, and access to opportunities. We believe that our students thrive in an environment of learning when their individualized and personalized needs are addressed with engaging and loving supports.


In this booklet, you will finds various opportunities for our students to become successful learners. In fact, we are invested in creating a pathway that

elevates a student’s passion and commitment to contribute to our city, our region, our nation, and internationally. I encourage you to review each offering carefully and be mindful and thoughtful about choosing a specific program for you and your child.


Frankfort Independent Schools values the unique attributes that each child brings to our classrooms and to our community. It is our mission to provide learning experiences and support systems that propel students, families, staff, and community members to become the best version of themselves. The three pillars of support transform our students and families in significantly positive ways.


The Frankfort Independent Schools team is a champion of providing supports for our children and families on a daily basis. As you review this booklet, recognize that we welcome suggestions on how to continue to improve and add options for our students and families to grow, learn, and invest in our community. Thank you for your dedication and commitment and for your investment in the next generation!



Houston Barber, PhD
Frankfort Independent Schools